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Vision & Mission

Everything about Merkur Energy Port Services since 2011. Learn about our projects, CSR & goals to transform the STS, Layup & Shipcare Industry

About Us


ISO Certified, MSO & World Class Health & Safety Standard



Grow & be at the forefront of revolutionising Merkur Energy Port Services Sdn Bhd


Why Us

Merkur Energy Port Services has been the leading Agency, Logistics, STS , Layup & Shipcare service provider in Malaysia since 2011. Enjoy first class and quality services when you appoint us to handle your assets.

Satisfied Customers

Proven experience in providing efficient Ship To Ship, Layup & Shipcare with established knowledge of the industry standards

Global Marine Solutions

Providing the best marine solutions across the whole globe for all customers that require our solutions and services

Quality & Cost Efficient

We provide the best suggestions and recommendations for our customers to gain the most optimize solutions for long term cost savings.

Advanced Technology & Equipment

We make use of the best types of technology & equiments to execute precise management of our customers needs.

We Provide

The Finest

Solutions For Ship To Ship, Layup & Shipcare

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