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Ship To Ship(sts) transfer

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Ship To Ship Transfer (STS) with Merkur Energy Port Services

Overview of Ship To Ship Transfer(STS)

We offer full-service provision of LNG, LPG, Crude, MDO, MFO & MGO ship-to-ship transfers including the commissioning, training and deployment of mooring masters and transfer superintendents

Merkur Energy Port Services is the only service provider to be able to deliver full turnkey solutions including personnel, services and transfer equipment.

Transfer Locations

Pasir Gudang

Pasir Gudang , Johor Inner Port Limit – Anchorage

Tanjung Bruas

Tanjung Bruas , Malacca Inner Port Limit – Anchorage

Tanjung Pelepas

Tanjung Pelepas , Johor Inner Port Limit – Anchorage


Labuan – Labuan , Inner Port Limit – Anchorage

Ship To Ship Service

Merkur Energy Port Services provides ship-to-ship transfer solutions which can assist our clients in increasing fleet availability and flexibility. It can also allow vessels to bypass berthing in port for cargo transshipment operations. Vessels can safely and cost-effectively transfer their cargo while reducing port fees and costs incurred for support craft and jetty usage. We have experience in conducting STS underway, at anchor and alongside berth. Our services include:

  • LNG STS full service provision
  • Gas up and cool down services
  • Alongside existing berth STS
  • Emergency STS response and planning
  • Mooring Master provision/experience
  • Experienced LNG STS Superintendents
  • STS procedural development
  • STS equipment procurement
  • Ship to shore services
  • Non routine operations
  • Compatibility and mooring studies


Merkur Energy Port Services offers gas up and cool down services for LNG vessels via STS.

This flexible service reduces a vessel’s time alongside, limiting berth and port costs. The vessel can be gassed up following dry dock and cooled down. This can be done by cooling down one tank and loading a parcel of LNG via ship-to-ship where the vessel can then sail and subsequently cool down her other tanks when required.

Gas up and cool down services are currently available in Malaysia, if required permissions can be obtained to suit the customers' requirements.


We can arrange transfers on rapid deployment basis in the event of an emergency at all our location and possessing the best equipment and resources, Merkur Energy Port Services will respond quickly and effectively to your emergency Ship to Ship requirements.


For companies who aren’t experienced in LNG transfers, we are happy to review and adapt existing procedures to include STS operations, FSRU or Terminal Operating Procedures.

We have developed and implemented safety management systems for the following:

  • Ship-to-Shore
  • Ship-To-Ship
  • FSRU’s
  • Terminals

Salvage & Emergency Response

Merkur Energy Port Services provides innovative and reliable maritime solutions through our dedicated salvage partner and emergency response resources.

  • Emergency Response
  • Salvage & Wreck Removal
  • Maritime Training
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Emergency Towing

Other Services